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Features of Mr. CorruCostos

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  • Costing in a minute time

    Costing in a minute time

    Mr. CorruCostos will provide you costing with a push of button.

  • Cost Break-up sheet

    Cost Break-up sheet

    Along with instant costing, it will give you cost Break-up sheet on your registered email.

  • Product costing history

    Product costing history

    You can review your product costing history based on its ID & client's name & know your manufacturing pattern.

  • Material planning

    Material planning

    How much quantity of required paper you need for an order.

  • Manufacturing pattern

    Manufacturing pattern

    Analyse your manufacturing pattern & know your real manufacturing strength.

  • Use cost break-up sheet

    Use cost break-up sheet for profit & loss statement

    Use cost break-up sheet to create a comprehensive profit & loss statement for an order by editing columns in excel.

About Mr. CorruCostos

Mr. Corrucostos is Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) Web-based software, on-demand software, or cloud based software that is delivered to Corrugators online. With no software or hardware installed Corrugators can now easily calculate costing of a Corrugated Box, create Cost Break-up sheet, Order history, Material planning and many more.

The needs of the corrugators are extremely complex & change constantly. Hike in raw material prices can cause company a huge loss if the costings are not reworked considering fluctuation in raw material and sundry items such as Starch, Petroleum products, Stitching wire and last but not the least labour cost. We alleviate your daily corrugation based problems by calculating actual COP of a box easily & accurately by considering Sizes (ID/OD), Type of boxes, different GSMs & combination of papers, No. of Piles & Hidden cost such as credit cost, inventory carrying cost, make ready cost for smaller lots, transportation & development cost.

Hence, this software will save your time & won't make you loose any orders due to inability to do costing on-time for many products. We have taken feedback from leading corrugated box manufacturers in Delhi/NCR who have tried this software 1000's times to calculate costing of corrugated boxes & have matched their results with their own calculations. You can see their feedback in our "Testimonial" panel. Its 100% tested software.



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