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This Business will be marketed by to all the corrugators.

Ad Size (pixels) Price (र) Months
127 x 225 (96,000) 35,000 6
127 x 225 (96,000) 60,000 12

Prominently displays your company Banner on Home page.

Ad Size (pixels) Price (र) Months
127 x 225 (96,000) 30,000 6
127 x 225 (96,000) 50,000 12

Creative creation of advertisement is Rs. 4500. (that includes creation of banner, making it clickable and linked to website of your choice).

Help Help me to find the right plan. Have a look on feature of both the plans!!!

Features High impact combo Banner ad packages
Banners on Homepage Delete tick
Banner is linked to your website Delete tick
Banner inside e-Mailers to our wide corrugators database tick Delete
Contact buyers instantly on Email/Sms tick Delete


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