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By the TopUp of your choice, get Corru Credits to calculate the costing of an order. You can make offline payment either by Cheque or DD. See all supported Payment Options.

  1. Annual Plan

    Top Up20,000Including 15% Service Tax
    Unlimited (1 Year) Corru Credits

    Credits that will be deducted for
    calculating cost of an order.

  2. Base Plan

    Top Up 6000Including 15% Service Tax
    5000Corru Credits

    Credits that will be deducted for
    calculating cost of an order.

Cost Break-up with Material planning (15 Corru Credits)

Both the plans include cost break-up sheet with Material Planning. It includes Cost of production, Wastage, Conversion, Profit, Development & Other hidden costs. It also includes Material Planning.

With Corrucostos, you won’t loose any order due to inability to do costing on time & have proper material planning for an order.

Review & print instant cost details as per your desired quantity with a push of button.
Use cost break-up sheet to create a comprehensive profit & loss statement for an order by editing columns in excel.
Complete cost break-up sheet in a minute time.
Email cost break-up sheet (in excel).
Reduce material cost by properly planned purchase with our advance material planning sheet
Download manufacturing pattern on which you are doing maximum business.
Review product costing history based on its ID & client name.
24/7 phone and email support.
Inventory management


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