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  Testimonial What users are saying about CorruCostos

Mr. Raj Kamal Jindal

Director at Cargo International Packagings (President, Northern India Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association)

I am very much impressed with the software "Mr.CorruCostos". I tried a demo and its really good for calculating actual cost of a box. it offers attractive costing features like cost break-up sheet, material planning and manufacturing pattern etc. I strongly recommend this software to corrugators for calculating actual cost of a box.

Mr. Dinesh Gupta

Director at Paragon Packagings

I am really thankful to Mr. Corrucostos. It works on ID/OD, Style of Box, GSM and number of plies. Cost break up sheet and material planning are the most attractive features of this software. I recommend this software to all corrugators. It is available at an affordable price. I have tested this software and the results are great. Every corrugator should try this software atleast once.

Mr. Shalender Mittal

Director at Om Packaging Industry

Mr.CorruCostos is the most affordable online costing software. Finding cost of a box has become very easy. One of the main advantage is that the cost of the box calculated by this software is at par with industry and you can pitch the right amount to customers. My friends are also using it and they are very satisfied with this product.

Mr. Atul Ahuja

Director at Pak-Tech

Mr. Corrucostos is an awesome software. No need to do complex calculations for different products to get costing and cost break-up sheet. I can also define hidden labor cost and overheads to be used when pricing. It also tells the manufacturing pattern on which I am doing maximum business. The results are very accurate. All corrugators should try this software.



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